Beloved Earth Ceramics

Welcome to Beloved Earth Ceramics, home of hand-made tiles, art and functional ware, from rural Portugal.

Plants and the clay of the earth together, resulting in natural, beautiful and unique ceramics.

Created for your home or as a gift for someone special.

About Beloved Earth Ceramics

At Beloved Earth I create hand-made and bespoke (made to order) ceramics inspired by nature and traditional designs.

My studio is located in the terracotta countryside of Southern Portugal, where I began working with local red clay making patterned floor tiles.

Surrounded by endless hills, rich with plant life, this has become my palette. As no two leaves are the same, each piece or tile I make using plant materials is unique.

My repeated pattern tiles are all pressed and cut by hand, they can never be exactly the same twice.

Encaustic tiles typically featuring geometric designs: Using ancient clay-in-clay techniques, their patterns are born from the use of contrasting clay colours and not glaze.

These hard wearing tiles are suitable for floors or walls and are available in terracotta and white smooth clay or buff and chocolate textured clay.

Hand pressed designs with countless permutations. Usually glazed with clear shiny glaze, which creates a tough and easy to clean surface.

One of a kind ceramic wall pieces: Created using seasonal plants from the hillside surrounding the Beloved Earth studio. Leaves, flowers, stems and seeds, captured in clay.

These wall art pieces featuring plant forms, are decorated with metal oxides and coloured glazes. Each one is a unique piece.

They are each fitted with a hook on the reverse for easy hanging.

Hand cut glazed tiles: Textured surfaces impressed with leaves, flowers and seeds. Glassy crackle glazes used to accent form and metal oxides to define detail. Made as individual tiles or in panels with plants ‘growing’ across several tiles. A huge variety of beautiful plants to choose from.

Both types are ideal for creating a feature splash-back panel, for use behind a cooker or bathroom sink. Also as colour and pattern details amongst floor tiles.

Bespoke Service

I make tiles to order and because I make by hand, I can be flexible with designs and sizes.

I can make tiles to suit the space they are intended for; to combine with other tiles or to co-ordinate with other elements of your room.

In encaustic designs, I can make you something from the gallery, tweek it as you like or create something entirely new for you.

Please enquire via the contact form.


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